Roll Film Fugi acros In Microdol-X 1:3 ( when big enlargements are required )

# 21    Roll Film

By John Kasinger

Fugi acros In Microdol-X 1:3

Both Fugi Acros and Kodak Microdol-X produce very fine grain.  This is a good combination when big enlargements are required.  This makes a negative that is a little flat but scans very well and has good acutance.

The Recipe

Roll Film

Fugi Acros / Microdol-X / 1:3


•  Developer.  Make 16 oz. (500 ml ) by mixing
Microdol-X stock solution 1:3 with water.

•  75F

•  18 minutes.

•  Water rinse 1 minute.

•  Rapid fixer for 4 minutes.

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