Post #11 Film Developing (the process here is using a developer recipe)


Film Developing   By John Kasinger

# 11Film Developing
Consistency and note taking are the two biggest keys to quality film processing.  The following list is of things that will lead you to film processing success.

The process here is using a developer recipe.  Water rinse for 1 minute.  Rapid Fixer for 4 minutes.  Film Washing and drying.

• Have all the chemicals and water at the same temperature.

•  Be consistent.  I will be giving you my recipes.  I start the timer after all the chemical or water is poured into the processing tank and start pouring the chemical or water out of the tank 15 seconds before the time is up.

•  Always have the next step in the process TOTALLY ready.  I have all the chemicals and water in their respective beakers before I start the first step.  You can use fruit jars or whatever but it is very important to have the next chemical ready to pour in as soon as the last one is out.

•  Hang the film to dry in as dust free an area as possible.  Once dust is dried into the emulsion it cannot be removed.

Be Consistent

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