Loading 4×5 film ( using Uniroller model 352 rotary base )


Loading 4 X 5 Film   By John Kasinger

# 1 4x5 Film

Use the tank and reels listed below :

• Uniroller model 352 rotary base. (ebay) These are no longer made. There are always some to be found on ebay. Get as good a one as you can. It will last for many years. Originally they were made to roll one direction for a few seconds and then reverse and then reverse again. Some have been modified to roll only one way continuously. Both are fine. I have had both over the years and either way ends up with the same result. They are small and relatively inexpensive.

• Tank. (Freestyle or used on ebay) I have 2 tanks and they seem to be the same but the numbers on them are different. One is JOBO Multitank 5 2551. The other is 2553. I see no difference in them.

• Reels (Freestyle or used on ebay) JOBO 2509 or 2509N. 2509N is the newer one. 2509N has some black “paddles”. Most people don’t use the paddles. I don’t use the paddles.

# 2 4x5 Film

You will need to have a few ( at least 4 ) sheets of film to practice loading.   I load the reels from the inside out.  Let me explain.  Each reel holds a maximum of 6 sheets of film.  I always load only 4 for better chemical agitation.  As you look at the reel slide the first sheet into the inner most channel then the next sheet into the outer channel. PRACTICE THIS IN FULL ROOM LIGHT UNTIL YOU GET THE FEEL OF IT.  Save the practice sheets for future needs.

# 3 4x5 Film

Put the loaded roll into the tank.  Put the lid on securely and you are ready to turn on the lights.

All this sounds horribly complicated but with practice it becomes very routine and takes but a few minutes.

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