Loading 120 Film (using the 16oz. stainless tank )

# 8

Loading 120 Film   By John Kasinger

#1 Loading 120 Film

As mentioned before all film is always loaded in the dark. use the 16oz. stainless tank pictured above with a stainless reel.  A good source is Freestyle.  This way you can process 1 roll at a time.

#2 Loading 120 Film

IN THE DARK you must get the film separated from the paper backing.  Start by breaking the paper seal.  Then unroll the whole thing.  You will find that the film is taped to the paper backing on one end.  Tear the film off the paper and discard the paper.

#3 Loading 120 Film

The reels are loaded starting from the center and winding the film onto the reel in an outward manor.  Start by sacrificing a roll of film for practice.  Keep this practice roll for future needs.   PRACTICE THIS IN FULL ROOM LIGHT UNTIL YOU GET THE FEEL OF IT.  You must secure the end of the roll of film to the clip in the center of the reel then wind slowly outward till all the film is rolled onto the reel.

Put the loaded roll into the tank.  Put the lid on securely and you are ready to turn on the lights.

All this sounds horribly complicated but with practice it becomes very routine and takes but a few minutes.

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