Loading Film ( using a changing bag )


Loading film

By John Kasinger


You need a very dark place to load film. If in doubt go into the dark place and sit for 8 minutes. If after 8 minutes it is still dark then you are OK. All film is always loaded in the dark. Then it can be processed in the ”darkroom” with normal room light.

Some people wait till dark then load it in as dark a place as they can find. Clothes closets can work well. You can load the film in the dark at night and process it the next day at any time.

Another alternative is a “changing bag”. This way you can load the film on the kitchen table any time of day or night with the lights on or off. It is like a portable darkroom. Badger Graphics or used on ebay are 2 good sources. They come in several styles.

changing bag

Changing bag.


Another style of changing bag.

No matter which style the process is much the same. You unzip the thing and but your roll film or holders in the bag along with the appropriate tank and reels. Then you put your arms through the elastic sleeve openings. Next you ready the tank and reels. Load the film onto the reels and put them into the tank. Put the lid on the tank and you are done. Take your arms out an unzip the bag. It can all be done in normal room light.

Personally I like the darkened closet with a chair and very small table.

Next posting will be about loading roll film onto reels and the one after that will be about loading 4 x 5 film onto reels.

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