The Home 4 x 5 Darkroom


The home 4 x 5 darkroom

By John Kasinger

Please read post  #4 first.

The home 4 x 5 darkroom is very similar to the roll film darkroom. There are just a few changes. The developing tank and reels are different and you will need a Uniroller rotary base.

Box of recommended supplies.

Box of recommended supplies.


Typical bathroom.

IMG_3811 copy

Items arranged on countertop.

• Uniroller model 352 rotary base. (ebay) These are no longer made. There are always some to be found on ebay. Get as good a one as you can. It will last for many years. Originally they were made to roll one direction for a few seconds and then reverse and then reverse again. Some have been modified to roll only one way continuously. Both are fine. I have had both over the years and either way ends up with the same result. They are small and relatively inexpensive.

• Tank. (Freestyle or used on ebay) I have 2 tanks and they seem to be the same but the numbers on them are different. One is JOBO Multitank 5 2551. The other is 2553. I see no difference in them.

• Reels (Freestyle or used on ebay) JOBO 2509 or 2509N. 2509N is the newer one. 2509N has some black “paddles”. Most people don’t use the paddles. I don’t use the paddles.

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