Film Or Digital?



by John Kasinger

Film Or Digital?

Everyone wants a simple answer to that complex question.  The reason there is no simple answer is that we need both.

In 1952 I got my first makeshift darkroom.  I was nine years old.  Film was king and I was hooked forever.  I had discovered magic.

I have been a professional photographer since 1967.  Photography has been about all I have ever done in my adult life.  Film photography is still magic to me.  For me digital photography is more real and less magic.  Sometimes we need magic and sometimes we need real.

Today in the world of professional photography digital is unchallenged.  Professional photography is mostly all about reality.  I also do fine art black and white photography and for that I do film.  Film is for the soul.  It has a more fanciful look.  It is still magic.

I have one foot in the digital world and one foot in the film world.  Some times it is difficult to walk with my feet separated like that but I hobble along and so can you.

John Kasinger with friends in the Jr. High darkroom. Blue Glass Jar Gallery

John Kasinger with friends in the Jr. High darkroom.

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